Commercial Renewable Energy

Each installation comes with TEN years workmanship warranty as standard.​

It is our belief the Renewable Energy is the future and there is no escaping it. With Energy prices set to significantly rise, it is our goal to make your home or commercial facility as self sufficient as possible. Our expertise in the industry together with premium design software sees us 2nd to none.

Oakwood Energy is about quality. We always go the extra mile, particularly with our after care. Solar panels are generally very low maintenance.

However, we believe prevention is better than cure.

Each installation comes with TEN years workmanship warranty as standard. After one year we complete a free “health check” and encourage customers to contact us with any queries. 

Building a long-term relationship with customers is important to us.

For larger systems, we are happy to provide maintenance and monitoring. By doing this we can guarantee peak performance and provide rapid response to any faults as they happen.

If you would like more information regarding our Renewable Energy services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Solar Design and Installation

There is one thing that all the experts can agree on; that renewable energy generation is the future for both UK and global businesses.

At Oakwood Energy Group we strive for renewable energy to be available to everybody, which is why we offer two forms of renewable projects, self-funded and fully funded.

Our in-house design teams will conduct in-depth site evaluations and produce detailed designs that match both your building’s specifications and your business’ consumption patterns.

We will then provide you with all options available to you, allowing you to choose the option that best suits your business, with both approaches having their own benefits and key differences;


(Fully Funded)


(Self Funded)

No capital expenditure required
Oakwood Energy solar aftercare package free of charge
Reduced carbon output
Financial budgeting stability
Extended warranties
Free energy generation with no unit rate from day 1
Make profit on any exported energy to the grid

For more information on our fully funded PPA offering, please request our PPA brochure.

Solar Aftercare

Once you have solar assets of your own, there is no better way to ensure your system performs to its absolute best for years to come, than by taking advantage of our all-encompassing aftercare service.

At Oakwood Energy Group, we ensure we unlock your systems utmost capabilities, by
ensuring maximum generation in more ways than one;

Operation & Maintenance

Monitoring – Our state-of-the-art monitoring software allows us to identify any anomalies, on a module by module basis, for systems installed anywhere across the UK from our offices in Cheshire.

Reactive Maintenance – As soon as our monitoring software identifies a system that is not generating as it should, our focus swiftly moves to investigation and resolution. Our nationwide solar maintenance team will book a site visit at your earliest convenience and begin to solve the problem.

Planned Maintenance – We do not only react when there is an issue, we actively prevent them, by maintaining our systems with our planned maintenance services such as regular cleaning and annual inspections.

Export Tendering

At Oakwood Energy Group, we understand that for all businesses renewable energy generation is not the only form of generation that matters, which is why we also manage your profit generation.

Whilst our designs are tailored to match your consumption patterns as closely as possible, it is unlikely that you will always need the energy being generated by your system. If you have funded your system yourself, this surplus energy is yours to sell at a profit.

We have agreements with over 10 different suppliers, who all purchase renewable energy from us, allowing us to conduct a thorough tender and ensure you get the most competitive export rate available to you on the current market.

Yes. Agreeing to a corporate PPA with Oakwood Energy Group does not require you to relinquish ownership of any of your property whatsoever. We simply ask you to give us the legal right to attend site to conduct all operational and maintenance works to the system necessary to maintain maximum performance.

No. You do not have to be the owner of the property in order to benefit from a solar installation. All our contracts and agreements must be put in place with the property owner directly, however once installed it is the tenant that benefits from the reduced unit rate on consumption, with the property owner benefitting from increased property value.


We strive to give you the best possible solutions to ensure the highest standard of electrical installations