Business Energy Procurement

Business Energy Procurement

We have access to gas and electricity prices from every major energy provider in the UK, ensuring that we produce all-encompassing energy proposals, achieving the maximum possible savings for all of our customers.

Having personal experience of managing multi-million pound, nationwide, property management portfolios, we are well versed in all aspects of procurement and account management.

Energy Procurement

We provide you with all the information you need, collected from over 20 suppliers, and provided to you in a single, easy to follow, proposal with all the details required to allow you to make an informed decision that best suits your business.

We give you access to our network of specialist B2B energy suppliers, some of whom do not trade directly with the general public, and only operate through qualified and reliable consultants such as ourselves, reducing their customer service and staffing costs, allowing them to offer extremely competitive unit rates that we can then pass on to you.

We trade fixed term contracts; this allows us to estimate your yearly utility costs more accurately for each individual supply. The detailed information we provide you with will allow you to calculate your annual budget more precisely than ever before.

Account Management

Once you’re an Oakwood Energy Group customer, you have access to our account management services, in short, no more waiting on hold to your utility provider for hours on end, being past from department to department, instead you’ll have a dedicated account manager to handle any and all energy related issues you may be experiencing. 

Due to our vast network of contacts, we can take any problem you need resolving directly to a decision maker, often getting the issue resolved in a fraction of the time that it takes via the usual channels.

Some of our account management services include, but are not exclusive to;

  • Bill Validation
  • Consumption Analysis
  • Meter Read Submissions
  • Changes of Tenancy
  • Debt Resolution
  • Meter Installation / Removal
  • MOP Agreements
  • Data Collection / Data Aggregation Agreements
  • Half Hourly Data Reporting & Analysis
  • Agreed Supply Capacity (KVA) Analysis & Alteration
  • Tenant Re-Billing
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We strive to give you the best possible solutions to ensure the highest standard of electrical installations